School Counseling

The school counseling offers services on major areas of guidance through
Parents/students interactive session.
(a) Personal or remedial counseling for students facing a problem in their academic, social or personal lives
(b) Vocational guidance, to enable students decide on career choices and future prospects
Keeping in mind the special needs of certain students, the school has inclusive schooling which is child focused where learning and opportunities are achieved to the best of their ability.

In the changing scenario of new millennium, Value Education has been introduced in the school, for which extra periods have been allotted. Character Certificates issued by the school, will be based on the general behavior of the student in the school.

Teaching children values has become a subject of deep interest, powerful concern and enormous priority. Our Endeavour is to “shape the destiny of India in her classrooms” by including ethical and moral concerns in the curriculum, and imparting a value based education to our students, that builds character, promotes integrity, and produces behavior that is beneficial to the society at large

Mother’s Orientation Programme

A special mother’s orientation programme took place in the school premises on 29th September and 6th October respectively in order to create awareness amongst the mothers about the adoloscence age. The session was presided over by Honourable Director Sir, Madam Durga Sinha, an eminent educationist and Dr. Sonia Malhotra who tried to answer the questions of the enthusiastic parents about the problems faced by them during this age. It was appreciated by one and all and we were suggested to organize such sessions frequently.