The aim of the institute is to provide comprehensive education for the all round development of the students. The importance of the scientific outlook in education cannot underestimate. The Indian culture and our way of life is in utter turmoil today. The school appreciates the importance of adopting the west in terms of its modern scientific temper but would not like to give up our tradition and culture. The Principal objective is thus to imbibe in the students the amalgamation of Indian culture and modern outlook which is clearly reflected in our curriculum.

With the explosion in world of knowledge and increasing specialization, early education acquires a new dimension. At D.C. Model, our endeavor is to make school, a place where child enjoys coming rather than shying away. We have taken a step forward to ensure that child’s blooming years are not overshadowed by pressure of books and examination. D.C. Model, the name which has built strong confidence in the minds of the students and the parents due to it’s record breaking success, has yet miles to go

Sky remains the ultimate limit for which persistent efforts are always being put in to come true to the expectations of the people. The school provides every facility that a parent dreams of for his child’s happy transition to adulthood.