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butterfly_block_tbh-portfolioA special block to give extra care for pre-primary children.

The world we live in today is marked with competition in every sphere and aspect of life. Each individual would like to be a winner in this rat race, and not a merdace in the crowd. For this it is necessary for us to recognize and appreciate the ability of the kid and help him/her bloom and grow to have a well rounded personality.

Taking cognizance of this point we developed KIDS CULB. Where the kids are able to explore all kinds of ideas and concepts with latest equipments with the help of audio-visual aids. A collection of educational cd’s provide a good education play way method of learning, co-curricular activities, yoga, theatre, dance, music, craftwork, camps and many more things are conducted under the guidance of dedicated, loving and specially trained teachers for this particular age-group. The school provides transport at your doors. Regular picnic, educational tour and free medical check-ups by doctors.

Special emphasis on developing excellent communication skill and global English through proper pronunciation with phonetic sounds. Well planned and designed assignments, assessments through computers.

For further detail you can contact Ms. AASTHA GUPTA (co-coordinator) between 10.00 AM to 11.00 AM (all working day)

We aspire to inspire, hence our school’s philosophy is winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.

You are welcome to join us.
Thanks for faith upon us.